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B&B / Guest House
Palazzo Montevago
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B&B / Guest House
Historical center

The history

The building of sixteenth-century origin, as testified by the elegant portal with archivolt that leans out on via del Bosco, was born as dwelling of Paolo Caggio, who founded here the Accademia dei solitari (Academy of the solitary ones). The original plant was subsequently restructured in the mid of eighteen-century under the project of the architect Giovanni Filingeri, brother of that Pietro's Filingeri brother prince of  Santa Flavia (Saint Flavia), governor of the Nobile Compagnia dei Bianchi (Noble Company of the White ones) and founder and protector of the accademia del Buon gusto (academy of the Good taste), one of the most known  academies in Palermo, that saw the light among  really   boundaries. When at the begining of last century the ownership of the building  passed to Gravinas, princes of Montevago, it was built  the monumental prospectus on via  Maqueda, unmistakable for the great coat of arms with the eagle of house Gravina that towers on the balcony  of  honor. 
B&B / Guest House - Palazzo Montevago - via Maqueda n° 92, Palermo
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